1. The Academy will have a patron, a panel of trustees, and a management committee accountable to the trustees.

2. The Academy will have multinational educational advisers of the highest caliber, to represent the full spectrum of health specialties and help set up and supervise its educational activities.

3. The Academy will have an independent educational plan but will try to help its students prepare for the internationally recommended diploma and specialist qualifications, and will make arrangements with educational establishments as appropriate.


1- The Academy will implement the full measurements necessary to ensure its activities are recognizable by educational and professional bodies and institutions, that they are fit for purpose, and help its candidates further their education in the best possible fashion.

2- The Academy will ensure that its activities meet with statutory laws of all the countries in which it operates.

3- The Academy will be set up and registered as a Ltd company/charity and will ensure that its aims, structure, and finances are fully within the regulations that govern charity organizations. (to be D/W accountant.

4- The Management Committee will meet periodically to plan and execute its duties and will have a joint meeting with trustees every six months at least. Meetings with the advisers and other organizations are to be organized whenever needed.

5- The Academy trustees will meet quarterly, with two meetings a year to include the Management Committee.

6- There will be one Annual General Meeting to include all stakeholders to discuss all the business of The Academy; including the AGM for the Charity as a separate session on the same day. (Based on accountant advice).

7- The Trustees as well as The Management Committee will have the authority to seek professional advice from third parties as they see fit.

Educational Modules:

1- The educational modules to be offered will depend on the needs of the communities and candidates, as well as the facilities available and deliverable by The Academy.

2- The Management Committee of The Academy will set up the educational modules well in advance before offering them to the candidates.

3- The cost of attending the educational modules will be designed keeping in mind the financial capabilities of the candidates.


The above will form the basic constitution of The Academy, to be approved by its prospective trustees before the end of September 2022.